I'm closing this chapter.

Mon 20 Feb 3:29 AM (GMT+8)

Since the inception of Studio Fana, many things have happened in my career timeline. Here is a brief summary:

  • 2019 - Graduated, enjoyed designing for local brands and creating documentaries in the form of photo montage and physical book.
  • 2020 - I became a web designer and developer for Appleseeds and worked on CloudTheatre / CloudTix, now known as CloudJoi.
  • 2021 - I started a side project called Prepr.tv and spent the first half of the year curating free courses. I began my self-development journey in November.
  • 2022 - I joined SixtyTwo as a product designer. I began writing introspective essays on saykiat.com and envisioned a few more side projects.
  • 2023 - I decided to pause all side projects due to time constraint, except PaletteUI. I also reignited my passion for helping local brands transform their businesses through bespoke website, like USMART and Ow Construction.

As I transitioned from graphic design to interface design, I realised that most of my work during the first half of my career were focused on capturing experiences. In the second half of my career, I aim to maximise the influence of my designs, irrespective of the kind experience I am creating.

What's next

Studio Fana no longer represents what I do and how I think. My previous works were artefacts of premature ideologue and sugar-rush passion projects.

As I continue to explore my new identity for the next five years, my goal is to refine my palate towards visual language and develop a more effective approach towards people’s problem.

I have plans to rework on my personal site. Meanwhile, you can learn more about me here:

  • If you're interested in what I'm thinking, you can read my essays.
  • If you're interested in why I think what I'm thinking, please visit my library.

See you there.

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